Reader Remarks

 One of the perpetrators mysteriously castrated - FANTASTIC! Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person. 

- Cyndi B.

Hot DAMN! The bastards caught. One castrated. The other his testicles crushed. Great. Wish that happened to my attacker.

- Rosemary V.

 Love how Kate caught both rapists, especially how she squeezed the sperm sample from the second perpetrator. Made his eyes bug out. I bet that hurt. I love it. Good for her. 

- Dorothy D. 

This book’s only too poignant. My sister was raped. Man never arrested. Swore he was not guilty. 

- Wilma S.

Unfortunately, too common. As a nurse in a hospital, you learn quickly when to take another elevator when you see ‘so-in-so’ grinning gropper in the car. The last thing you want is to be rubbed and grabbed in the wrong places by some surgeon who thinks he’s the God’s gift to women. And they’re not! 

- Jeanie B.

This book has it nailed. Not only is sexual assault common in the entertainment industry, business executives think we are there for their pleasure exclusively. 

- Gabriela K.