The Author

J. Saltwick

Following the success of his exciting novel Brazen Desires – Desperate Hours, J Saltwick penned the scintillating sequel Winner Takes All. Aware that the darkness of human behavior can neither be stopped or reversed, in the novel Winner Takes All, the author gives the reader satisfaction in realizing sexual predators can be caught. 

Concerned that the sexual assaults on women and females by men is a human atrocity, Saltwick wrote the sequel to his most popular novel Brazen Desires – Desperate Hours. Appalled by the smirking complacencies of the males who drug and sexual attack women, Saltwick doesn’t let his heroine in Winner Takes All rest until she catches the men involved in a brutal attack on an actress. In capturing the male attackers, Saltwick has his heroine Kate, draw on her rancher toughness to wrench out signed confessions where in real life most of the attackers walk scot-free. In Winner Takes All Saltwick shows that women can fight back.